Introducing Rock Lodge and Peareth

Rock Lodge and Peareth is a book by Bill Greenwell about two Sunderland houses – large ones, mansions even – that stood at Roker, one of them from the 1790s, and the other from the late 1880s. The book looks firstly at the truth behind the many claims made about Rock Lodge in particular. Was it an Abbs family possession? Why and when was it built? It goes on to look each successive occupant of each house, with updates on the growth of ‘Roker’ (in 1800, not where we think of it now!)


The Book is out

It’s late July, and now the book is printed, and available, either directly from me (, or at the Sunderland Antiquarian Society home in Douro Terrace, Sunderland. The ‘normal price’ is £25, but there’s a special price if you are a member of the 900-strong Antiquarian Society – £23. If you live in Sunderland, I can deliver – just contact me. The price will be £22 if you buy from me direct.

The postage price in the UK is £2.90 (it’s 1. 75kg heavy), and it’s quite expensive for overseas – depending on which world zone you are, perhaps £17 or £18. If you do order from overseas I will be so happy that I will be prepared to come to a deal.